Ayurvedic Massage

Why is massage important in Ayurvedic Therapy?

Massage is an important part of Ayurvedic therapy, but rather than concentrating on Western techniques that manipulate body contour, it works on the Marma points, opening up ‘energy’ channels which are believed to cause an imbalance or blockage. It also uses herbal remedies to combat ailments, which are traditionally treated in the West with prescription medicine

Examples of a few Marma points

  • Adhipati – top of forehead,
  • Sthapani – third eye,
  • Apanga – side of eyebrow

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Ayurvedic Full Body Oil Massage (Abhyangam)

A luxuriously, relaxing, blissfully full-body warm oil massage. This massage increase blood circulation, detoxification, calming the nerves, relief daily stress, lubricate the joints, Softer and smoother the skin, increased levels of stamina through the day, promote quality sleep. Traditionally, message according to Ayurveda, includes sneha (oil) that provide specific benefits for vata, pitta and kapha. Appropriate oil should be selected with an understanding of the doshas. Before doing massage one must know his constitution,

  • Vata prakrithi people need oil massage daily
  • Pitta prakruti people massage with correctly applied oil will enhance the natural luster of their skin, nourish their muscles, and calm their reactive nervous system.
  • Kapha people need massage to improve their circulation and lymph drainage. Their skin and flesh are strong and thick. Hence they need deep tissue penetrating massage.

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Deep relaxing rejuvenation treatment (Shiro-abhyanga)

The “Queen of all treatments”. First, A luxuriously, relaxing, blissful full-body warm oil massage is given for encourages the elimination of harmful toxins, enhances circulation and muscle tone, and relaxes the body and mind.

The blissful full-body warm oil massage followed by Shirodhara.

What is Shirodhara?

Shiro means head, Dhara means to pour. In this treatment, warm ayurvedic herbalised oil is poured onto the third eye from a hanging vessel (This treatment is also known as third eye drip). Warm oils are gently poured in a slow dynamic movement over the forehead in a continuous calm drip from a special vessel for about 30 minutes. Profoundly relaxing, this treatment switches off a chattering mind and induces tranquility. Fully relaxed, the guest lies on their back whilst warm oil is poured in a steady slow stream over the “third eye”. This delightful combination melts away all mental activity and leaves the mind calmed, cooled and refreshed


Ayurvedic Hot Stones Massage (Sheela Abhyanga)

A gentle Ayurvedic massage combined with hot stones. The stones were cooked for a long time, for accumulating the heat. The heat release from the stones to the body to promote the absorption of the oils into the tissues and creates a feeling of comfort and warmth, while the direct heat relaxes muscles and allowing deeper relaxation than with a regular massage.

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Ayurvedic lymphatic therapy

This treatment begins with a healing warm oil massage, followed by a unique blend of Ayurvedic herbal paste which is rubbed onto the body. It promotes the flow of lymphatic fluid within the body and by that allows toxins and wastes to be expelled from the system, leaving you feeling lighter, healthier and shine!

Vital points therapy (Marma)

A vital point is an anatomical point where bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels and joints meet up. The vital points also known as Marma points. There are 107 vital points (Marma) throughout the body. Each point has its own intelligence and consciousness, which co-ordinate with the mind and body. Massaging the vital points (Marma) is eliminate toxins, strengthen the muscle tone, improves the function of the connecting organs, relax and rejuvenate the body.

Example of how will an Ayurvedic Massage Therapy will benefit me?

A great example are clients who have severe vata vitiation. This might led to high levels of stress and anxiety. I can use various practical treatments to help them regain balance. The most profound programme being Abhyanga (full body massage) using a relaxing oil for two days, then switching to shirodhara to really calm them down. The results have been overwhelming.

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