EMF Balancing Technique

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What is the EMF Balancing Technique?

EMf Balancing technique

The EMF Balancing Technique is the energy system designed to work with the electric field which surrounds all creatures including you. The technique uses a simple, elegant and non-intrusive systematic procedure, utilizing the human to human effect upon the electromagnetic field. The primary benefit of an EMF Balancing Technique session is a balanced life harmony life with our surroundings, through our energetic body awareness.

What is the uniqueness of the EMF Balancing Technique?

The uniqueness of the EMF Balancing Technique ® in that it emphasizes the person’s ability to heal itself and develop a broader reality, freeing, in a gentle, unresolved conflicts, emotional and physical life and opening his unlimited potential.
The process is energetically, without having interviewed in depth about the issues it wants to release, or the analysis and understanding of the mental processes that occur during the balance. Also, this balancing method can integrate with another treatment method.

How does the EMF Balancing Technique works?

Human consciousness is of an electromagnetic nature and intelligently organized itself into the operating system of the human energy field. This system is called the Universal Calibration Lattice ® and our personal connection to the cosmic network (the cosmic energy field, the source of all energy in the universe).Universal Calibration Lattice ® has different energetic patterns that influence who we are and shape the way we choose to live our lives.
This energy balance method works directly with the Universal Calibration Lattice ®.
The same energy anatomy basic form for each person, but the calibration using the method occurs uniquely determined by the rate and frequency of each individual person.

What is an EMF balancing technique session?

In an hour-long session, clients experience their own electromagnetic field (EMF) and the patterns within it. The practitioner carries out a series of graceful, t’ai chi-like movements, while the client lies on a massage table. During some parts of the session, practitioners will gently place their hands on the body to facilitate the flow of energy.

What will I feel after an EMF balancing technique session?

You will feel relaxed balanced and back to earth, but in a good way. Our Electrical field tends to loose balance in today hectic world. An EMF session is truly the best way to centre it and achieve equilibrium within you.

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To read more about EMF Balancing technique: http://www.emfbalancingtechnique.com